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[HR] : Apply on high rate only
[MR]: Apply on medium rate only
[LR]: Apply on low rate only
[HR] [MR]: Apply on both rates
[WB]: Apply on Website
[OTHER]: Apply on others thing like irc etc.

April 19 2006:

Some friends of mine and myself just created an anime-fanclub website for free downloads and any fan of anime can share anime there! www.anime-fanclub.com
This does not support VanRO forums

An Official VanRO forum will be out soon ;)

April 18 2006:

-SP drain is currently bugged, should be fixed tomorrow[HR]
-Fixed bug with cloaking and hide [HR]
-Fixed few codes in the source to avoid future crashes[HR]
-Lex divina is back to what it is meant to be[HR]

April 16 2006:

- MR Server was down for a while. There were small item bugs with equipping. We've fixed it now! everything is back to normal :) [MR]
- Gunslinger is temp removed on MR. It was the cause of the item equipment bug [MR]
- Job Changer NPC is updated and should fix the bug from high novice to novice when trying to switch to high swordman! [MR]

April 13 2006:

- TCG Cards and Lord Kaho Horns can't be sold to npcs or droped on the ground anymore! [HR]
- Fixed most-wanted and bugged skills! [HR]

April 11 2006:

-Implementing Gun shop for Gunslinger! [MR]
-New patch will be released soon to fix the sprite error.

April 9 2006:

- Due of high demand, we put VanRO HR as the old school style! 254 max lvl and 300 max stats! We wiped server, I am sorry, last wipe now!
If you failed to connect, please download 4.5 patcher! Thanks

April 8 2006:

-Server high rate is currently really unstable... I'm working to fix it, I'm sorry for all the trouble. We would take the necesary actions to fix and bring back the VanRO stable Server as we know!! [HR]
- To kill high level player, and make it ballanced, we change the max stats to 600. [HR]
- Raised the exp [HR]

April 5 2006:

- VanRO  Release New patcher 4.7 (Should Fix New Job Sprites)  !!! DOWNLOAD HERE !!!
- GunSlinger should be implemented soon. We are the only server who can support a stable Gunslinger. All other servers are running an unstable version of eathena that crashes every 30 minutes. We can handle 1000+ players without crashing at all :) [MR]
- We will move Gunslinger to HR soon when it's completly done!

April 4 2006:

-Working on implementing a Stable version of Ninja and Gunslinger on MR (something other than Eathena because it is currently really unstable) [MR]
-Request Command ( @request ) is back to HR! Players can request help by a GM there. Do not ask for zeny/items or unfair stuff! Thanks[HR]

April 2 2006:

Dear VanRO Players,
High rate has finally met an important Server Upgrade. It's bring lastest features to our games including real weddings, real baby adoption with child/father/mother and the Taekwondo Class! Guild Dungeon also fixed!
All news cards/Items are now available! But we have to do an Important Character Wipe. It would fix the economy and TCG card problem due to the Donation system exploit! Thank you for understanding!

MAX level is now 500
If you crashed/gravity error, please go download the new KRO :)

you can get those last Kro at: http://xeven7.files.deltaanime.net/INFO/KRO-Client.txt

April 1 2006:

Patch Server is down due to money problem. So many poeple have charged back their donation! [HR] [MR] [LR]
Fixed: Kill Spree Features [MR]
Securing Donation Reward System [HR]

March 31 2006:


In morocc city, if you kill players you gain spree. If you get killed, you lose all your spree!
After 10,20,30 spree, get 1000 zeny!
After 40,50 spree get 2000 zeny!
After 60 spree kill, you get 5000 zeny
After 75 spree! You become an event!
Every player should kill you! You gain 100 zeny per kill!!!
The player who kills you gains 100,000 zeny!

Everyone who can break a kill spree gain 100 zeny! (killing sprees start from 5 kills or more)

-Medium Rate is down for a short moment for update. Everything is back to normal!

March 27 2006:

-HR just crashed. Server was down for 1 hour, everything is back to normal now.
-MR is still updating, new stuff is coming soon!

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